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“Having earned my medical degree at the University of Rotterdam, I decided to specialise in paediatrics. I completed my postgraduate paediatric courses at the Sophia Children’s Hospital in Rotterdam and the Juliana Children’s Hospital in The Hague. 

Having started out at the Reinier de Graaf Hospital in Delft, I joined the Paediatric Department of the Lange Land Hospital in Zoetermeer from 2000 till 2017. My seven fellow paediatricians and I treated the majority of common disorders and diseases affecting children. In 2017 I started as a paediatrician at a GGZ practice: Focuz

In my work, I have taken a special interest in adoption-related problems, diabetes and ADHD. Over the course of years, I acquired a profound knowledge in these areas.

The interaction with children, and helping them to get better motivate me most. I’m always touched by their spontaneity and honesty. The process of helping children to get better is a wonderful challenge: the most effective treatment starts with listening to them closely.“

Dutch Paediatric Association
Member Social pediatricians Committee
(BIG; 49041688701 / AGB: 03016996) 



“After completing medical school at the University of Maastricht, I specialised as a paediatrician at the Emma Paediatric Hospital in Amsterdam and the Jeroen Bosch Hospital in 's‑Hertogenbosch. 

The first step in my career as a paediatrician was substituting for fellow paediatricians in the Tergooi hospitals in Blaricum and the Isala Clinics in Zwolle, where I developed a special interest in paediatric lung diseases and neonatology. 

After working at the paediatric department of the Rijnstate Hospital in Arnhem, I joined the ranks at ’t Lange Land Hospital in Zoetermeer in August 2008 and enjoy my job tremendously. In the Lange Land Hospital I have started to explore the fields of juvenile lung diseases, obesity and ADHD besides general paediatrics. 

You can help parents and children tremendously by really listening to their concerns, and giving them your full attention. It is very rewarding to make a shy child feel at ease with a dose of humour and attention. That’s exactly why “de kinderdokters” was founded, in order to offer satisfactory care outside of the hospital.“

Dutch Paediatric Association
Member Juvenile Lung Diseases Committee
Member Endocrinology Committee
Secretary Child Obesity Workgroup 
(BIG: 49045326601 / AGB:03046220)