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Haarlemmertrekvaart 33
2343JC Oegstgeest




The private paediatric practice “de kinderdokters” was established in 2012 and is staffed by two experienced paediatricians, Regina van Ommen and Yvette Heijnen. 

"De kinderdokters" provides high quality, effective, compassionate paediatric healthcare to children and parents in a convenient location. 

Our paediatric practice is located in an easily accessible, child-friendly location and offers the option of making after hours appointments (in the evening, or during the weekend). 

Studies and experience have proven, that with a little more time and attention from their paediatrician, parents feel better understood and children will do better. That’s why in comparison to other clinics, our appointments are longer, so we can give parents and children the attention they need.

You will be in touch with the paediatrician personally, without interference of receptionists, physician assistants or residents/medical interns.

In addition to their work in this private practice, our paediatricians also work at a hospital and a GGZ-practice where they are constantly interacting with fellow physicians. They are regularly assessed by the hospital and take part in peer review evaluations. 

In order to ensure high quality care, both medical specialists of “de kinderdokters” take part in post-graduate vocational medical training and are member of the Dutch Paediatric Association.