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Information for Professionals

We think that in order to provide the best possible care for a child, it is essential that coordination between different disciplines is done to a high standard.  We have a proactive approach towards our cooperation with General Practitioners, child psychologists and physiotherapists.

You may refer children under the age of 18 to us. 

The medical specialists of “de kinderdokters” are experienced paediatricians, offering longer appointments and shorter waiting periods in comparison to most of the hospital paediatric clinics. In addition, “de kinderdokters” offer the opportunity to plan visits to our policlinic in the evening and/or during the weekend. Children are seen in a child friendly environment, close to home and in a relaxed atmosphere.  

We aim to provide (continuing) care to our patients in an environment in which they feel at ease. Therefore, the paediatricians of "de kinderdokters" can provide specialist support to general practitioners and other disciplines. Coordination between other health professionals can be done by phone, e-mail or in your doctor’s office. 

In order to determine a good diagnosis, we want to gain a good understanding, in the broadest sense, of the living conditions and the child’s perception of his world. In our opinion, a good communication and coordination with other care professionals is essential. Therefore, we highly value a good rapport with healthcare professionals in a variety of disciplines within our area.

Test and treatment results will always be communicated with the general practitioner. 

For appointments, we can be contacted by phone or via e-mail. 

Children may be further referred to specialists for complaints including: 

  • ADHD (see our website:
  • Asthma-related complaints
  • Abdominal pain
  • Growth and development, puberty
  • Crying babies
  • Problems with bowel movements / urination
  • Fatigue
  • Headaches